To provide & research innovative healthcare simulation for the purpose of improving quality of care and patient safety.


NYSIM will be at the forefront of health professions education by being the global leader in healthcare simulation

Strategic Goals

Be the nexus for simulation based education for The City University of New York, NYU Langone Medical Center and our community

  • Effectively communicate NYSIM to CUNY, NYU and the community.
  • Develop courses and programs in line with NYU and CUNY student/user training priorities
  • Provide high-level courses for outside learners.

Position NYSIM as a leader in interprofessional education, teamwork, faculty development and competency assessment

  • Establish NYSIM as a leader in IPE.
  • Establish NYSIM as a catalyst for NYULMC safety & quality initiatives.
  • Adopt evidence-based/best-practices in educational strategies in in-house courses.
  • Establish leading faculty development courses to improve expertise and skills in teaching through simulation.
  • Coordinate training needs and accountability for education across stakeholder groups.

Be a catalyst for scholarship in simulation education (research, papers, presentations, inter/national professional representation)

  • Identify specific foci of research.
  • Create a simulation scholarship community to raise NYSIM profile and develop expertise.

Develop revenue sources to support strategic goals

  • Identify funding sources for program/course development.
  • Under the guidance of the Steering Committee, work to align CUNY and NYU's NYSIM value streams