Teach a Course at NYSIM

"The level of student engagement and real-world clinical pressure during my simulation courses provide lots of extraordinary teaching moments. I find it an educationally powerful approach to learning."

Brian S. Kaufman, MD
Director, VA NY, Harbor Healthcare System Simulation Learning Center

A Dynamic Educational Experience

Teaching simulation courses at NYSIM is a dynamic interactive experience in which faculty use the tools of new technology combined with experiential teaching techniques to bridge the gap between standard medical/healthcare curricula and actual treatment of patients.

For clinicians, advanced NYSIM programs provide opportunities for professional development.

How It Works

At NYSIM we specialize in three main types of simulation-based healthcare education activities: Mannequin Simulation; Standardized Patient (SP) Programs; and Partial Task Trainers. Each offers its own educational focus and teaching opportunities.

What Facilities and Technology are Available?

NYSIM, which opened in September, 2011, is one of the newest, largest, and most sophisticated urban simulation facilities in the country. NYSIM has over 17 high tech mannequins, a large variety of partial task trainers, standardized patients and wall to wall audio/video recording capabilities.

What Is the Most Important Thing I Need to Know?

The simulation instructor does not prepare traditional lectures but instead teaches through debriefing, facilitation, assessment and mentoring.  Nonetheless, preparation is critical for success.

For example: Before the class (scenario) itself begins, the instructor briefs learners on the situation they will face.  This introduction usually includes setting the context for learning, and a discussion of confidentiality, videotaping, assessment, and logistics.

During the scenario itself, the faculty member serves as a facilitator and occasional guide. The teacher usually controls vital signs and physical exam findings on the patient as well as direct the scenario.  Video cameras record each simulated exercise, and can be played back for the learners immediately afterwards for class review, discussion and debriefing led by the instructor.

New NYSIM instructors are trained by NYSIM faculty in this methodology well ahead of their first day of teaching.  NYSIM directors and simulation facilitators and coordinators can also help you design these sessions.

Do I Have to Spend Time Learning the Technology Behind This?

Very little. The faculty focus stays on teaching. Programming of the mannequins, and other technical support for each scenario, are provided by NYSIM support specialists. You do not even need to know how to properly turn on and off the computerized mannequins.

The day of each session, NYSIM technical staff will launch the recording software, and provide faculty observation stations and technical assistance from start to finish.  When your session is complete, they will assist you in accessing and viewing the recording and data.