What is the minimum amount of time I can make a reservation request for space at the simulation center? NYSIM requires that reservations are made more than 2 weeks in advance of the program date. However, NYSIM strongly recommends that all reservations are requested as soon as faculty know the dates and times on which they would like to run their programs. The maximum amount of time from which NYSIM will take a reservation is 15 months prior to the program date. NYSIM will not make major modifications to originally requested dates, times and equipment needs for programs within 2 weeks of the program’s date.

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Does NYSIM allow for renting/borrowing equipment for programs that occur outside of the Bellevue Building C & D; 3rd Floor site? NYSIM does not allow for renting/borrowing equipment for “off-site” programs. However, NYSIM will schedule in-situ programs in which a simulation coordinator or facilitator will accompany the equipment in order to facilitate setup, program assistance, and breakdown of the program. If you wish to schedule an “in-situ” education program please fill out a reservation request form.

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How Can NYSIM courses benefit me? Simulation-based medical education is a safe, effective way to allow each person to refine his or her individual role in a multi-professional team environment and sharpen overall performance. It is based on similar principles used in simulation training in the aviation and military industries—other professions where failure to perform a task correctly and in a timely way can lead to harm.

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How can NYSIM courses benefit patients? The goal of NYSIM is to improve patient safety and quality of care. Practicing diagnostic and treatment skills repeatedly in a realistic simulated environment does this by increasing expertise and decreasing risk to patients. 

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What kinds of courses are offered at NYSIM? A partnership between NYU and City University of New York  gives NYSIM the unique opportunity to offer simulation courses taught by faculty from each of these world-renowned institutions. As a result, learners benefit from access to a broad spectrum of simulation courses across the nursing, medicine and allied health fields, and beyond. Nearly 50 courses have been offered and more than 14,000 learner visits have occurred since NYSIM opened its doors on September 6, 2011.

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Who can take courses at NYSIM? Learners include: NYU and CUNY medical students, health science students, residents, clinicians; and first responders including firefighters in the New York area.

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The New York Simulation Center for the Health Sciences (NYSIM) offers advanced faculty development courses, and sponsors monthly Grand Rounds meetings as well as symposia and workshops. 

How do I sign up for a NYSIM course?   Click here to sign up for NYSIM courses

I’m about to take my first NYSIM Course. Where do I go? NYSIM courses are held at the NYSIM and Bellevue Hospital Centers on First Avenue near 28th Street.

What should I do when I get to NYSIM? Take the D elevator to the 3rd floor. Sign in at the NYSIM front desk after getting off the elevator. Then take a seat in the student lounge. Your faculty member will direct you to your classroom or briefing room from there. You may be asked to sign an authorization and release form for photos and videotapes, as well as a confidentiality of information statement.

Where can I put my things? Lockers with self-select combination are available for student use.  Directions on how to use the lockers are available at the front desk or inside the locker. Please note that NYSIM is not responsible for lost belongings not secured in lockers.  Please do not leave any items in the lockers overnight.

Do I have to do something special to be able to access feedback videos of my own educational sessions? Yes. Your program office will need to fill out a Video Access template and send it to SimulationCenterIT@nyumc.org. Once access has been approved, you will receive information from your program office about how to access.   

Can I get access to videos of my classmates’ educational sessions? No. You can only access videos of your own sessions.