Facility Rentals

NYSIM offers reservations for facility use for educational programming.

Please refer to the "spaces" portion of the website to see what space resources NYSIM has to offer.

Typical rooms available for rent can be any combination of the rooms features in each one of our "spaces."

Desks and chairs are available furniture. Facilities are available on a by request basis. In order to request to see space please email nysim@nyulangone.org or place a tour reservation in through the website.

For additional fees, healthcare simulation equipment is available for rent as well.

Please note the following process:

  1. Meeting to identify spaces for rental
  2. Quote for space is generated
  3. Facilities contract is delivered and executed
  4. COI is required
  5. Logistics are organized via an “Intake Meeting”
  6. Invoice is sent to client
  7. Payment