Audio and Video

Wall-to-Wall A/V Coverage

Part of NYSIM’s mission is to provide our learners and visitors with the technology to ensure the most effective learning experience.

One of the key features of NYSIM's is the ability to record all simulations, scenarios and debriefings for each of our programs.

NYSIM has 57 cameras and 52 microphones for premium audio/video recording and playback in every room. The cameras, recordings and playback of the videos can be controlled from any computer station in the center through our customized web based application.

OR/OB Simulation Wing
  • Two ceiling microphones inside each of the five rooms.
  • Two Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras per room.
  • 40” Samsung plasma display for vitals and in-room debriefing.
  • Overhead paging system speaker for announcements from the control room.
ICU/Trauma Simulation Wing
  • Two ceiling microphones in each of the 6 configurable bays.
  • Two PTZ cameras per bay.
  • A PC in each bay with our web based software for camera control and recording.
  • 40” Samsung plasma displays for vitals and in-room debriefing
OSCE/Clinical Wing
  • Two ceiling microphones in each of the 14 rooms.
  • Two PTZ cameras per room.
  • A desktop PC for Post Encounter Checklists using our web based software.
  • A Plasma screen in five of the 14 rooms for debriefing or simulation.
  • Overhead speakers for announcements from the control room

There are three main control stations for each wing at NYSIM—North, East and West—each equipped with:

  • Two 40” Samsung display monitors for easy camera viewing of each room in that wing.
  • A Crestron touch panel for centralized controlling of display outputs as well as overhead paging and camera controls.
  • Joystick camera control for accurate viewing angles.
  • Overhead paging microphones.
  • Headphones to listen into each room.
  • A computer station that allows recording, playback and live view from any room in NYSIM using EMS based software.
  • Clearcom wireless intercom systems for one-to-one confederate communication.
  • Revolabs wireless lapel microphones for instructor communication to the control room

NYSIM’s four classrooms are equipped with:

  • SMART technology, two SMART Boards and two SMART Podiums.
  • Canon WUX10 Mark II overhead projection system.
  • Two Vaddio cameras for recording a debriefing, didactic sessions or video conferencing.
  • Two JBL speakers for sound efficiency in each room.
  • Two drop ceiling Boom Mics and cameras for multipurpose recording
  • PCs for each of the four rooms
Conference/Debriefing Room

There are six conference rooms at NYSIM (two in each wing) equipped with:

  • Vaddio cameras for recording a debriefing or video conferencing.
  • 40” Samsung plasma screens for presentations, debriefing a recorded video or live view of any room throughout NYSIM.
  • A media rack with a CD/DVD and VHS player.
  • One conference room is equipped with two 60” plasmas for video conferencing purposes.