Hot Topics in Simulation Education Symposium

6th Annual
Hot Topics in Simulation Education
Virtual Symposium

Friday, October 30th, 2020

Virtual Symposium: 11:00am – 4:15pm EST
Virtual Happy Hour: 4:15pm – 5:00pm EST

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Plenary Speakers

Embrace Your Hypocrisy: Creating Authentic Education

Janice Palaganas, PhD, APRN, ANEF, FNAP, FAAN, FSS
MGH Institute of Health Professions
Harvard Medical School
Center for Medical Simulation

Knowing is not doing. We see this in two ways: through our learners and through ourselves. In our learners, there are numerous frameworks that we teach to achieve collaboration in healthcare that when applied in practice, dissolve over time as other factors come into play when performing a task. These factors are those of reality—factors that happen in our day-to-day practice, emotions that occur naturally and behaviors that happen as a result. And while these factors are naturally at play, they undermine our learners ability to apply what they know to do—making what we teach ineffective beyond the simulation room. When we see this in simulation, we are either frustrated (i.e., “I just told them not to do that!”) or excited (i.e., “that’s what we’re going to talk about in the debriefing!”).

BUT, do we realize that we, the educators, do the same things? We do things that we know not to do—behaviors that we teach to be ineffective (e.g. not speaking up when we teach speaking up). By studying ourselves, we can understand the nuances of applied learning to practice. When we can detect our own hypocrisy, it can allow us to tackle nuances by trying new things. And in tackling and overcoming nuances by successfully changing our behaviors despite factors of reality, we have now uncovered a better way to teach what we teach. I call this “authentic” education.
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Impact of Extended Reality (XR) on Learning and Outcomes

Michelle Aebersold, PhD, RN, CHSE, FAAN
University of Michigan School of Nursing

This talk will focus on the current research that is ongoing in the area of virtual, mixed and augmented reality. The impact of this research will be discussed including work done in the area of teams, decision-making, perspective taking and overall outcomes.

Learning Through Talk: Exploring Synergies
Between Simulation and Workplace Learning

Walter Eppich, MD, PhD, FSSH
Professor and Chair, Simulation Education and Research
Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland
Dublin 2, Ireland

Talk as joint social activity impacts communication practices, learning, and patient care. This session will explore the important role of talk in health professions education. I will outline how steering the talk of practice may occur through formal means but also through informal means by fostering psychological safety through supportive relationships and learning environments. Lessons learned from healthcare debriefing will help us identify ways to address the ‘process’ and ‘content’ of talk of clinical practice to promote learning and patient care. These lessons have practical applications for feedback conversations in the workplace.

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