Learning Remotely Via Online Platforms

Many of you need new ways to teach and learn remotely via online platforms during this time of global pandemic.

At NYSIM, we are excited to offer support for TeleSimulation: a new remote simulation modality using web conferencing technology, coupled with Laerdal mannequin vital signs software.

To learn more, watch our 4 minute demo video

To explore using this new option with us, please email, and/or submit a program reservation request here:

In-Person Simulation and TeleSimulation

  In-Person Simulation TeleSimulation
Location On-Site, In-person Learners and Instructor from Remote Locations via Zoom
Clinical Decision Making/Clinical Reasoning Yes Yes
Learner Task Performance (Example.:Administer medications or chest compressions Physical
  • Virtual via Mannequin Software (I.e. Chest Compressions)
  • Virtual via Photo or Video Cues (I.e. show a short video of medication being prepared and administered)
  • Verbal Cues
Teamwork Skills Yes Yes
Communication Skills Verbal and Physical Verbal
Recommended Learner Group Size Varies 4-6
Learner Observation Yes Yes
Mannequin Control Faculty or Program Staff NYSIM Simulation Operations Associate (SOA)
Video Recording Yes Yes
Video Playback During Debriefing: Yes via BLine
After Session Complete: Yes
During Debriefing: No
After Session Complete: Yes