SP Program

The New York Simulation Center for the Health Sciences (NYSIM) offers Standardized Participant services to faculty.

The New York Simulation Center for the Health Sciences has access to over 130+ per diem standardized patients who are employed by the NYU Grossman School of Medicine. All programs who utilize standardized patient services within the NYU Langone Health System must utilize these individuals through contacting the simulation center.

For each service there is an associated fee that is charged to the client requesting the service. An estimate of fees will be generated to the client upon completion of a Standardized Participant Intake. If you would like to conduct a program at NYSIM that includes requesting Standardized Participant Services please fill out a reservation form here. If you would like to request Standardized Participant Services but are not planning on conducting your program at a NYSIM facility please contact nysim@nyulangone.org directly.

SPs are recruited in advance to program date:
Standardized Patients( SPs) and US Models are recruited and scheduled for specific programs booked by NYSIM. Programs that require the use of SPs need to make a reservation through the NYSIM website and will be contacted for a program intake. NYSIM does not have any SPs or US models on site, unless scheduled for a program. For all SP/US model needs please reach out to NYSIM at nysim@nyulangone.org to inquire.

Standardized participants can include but are not limited to:

  1. Standardized Patients
  2. Standardized Nurses and/or Standardized Health Care Professionals
  3. Embedded Standardized Participants for Educational Programs

Standardized participants can be used in educational programs for the following purposes:

  1. Standardized Participant for OSCE/SP Session for case portrayal, learner evaluation, and/or verbal feedback to learners
  2. Standardized Participant for Simulation Session
  3. Ultrasound Models
  4. Print Models
  5. Standardized Participant for Marketing Research
  6. Standardized Participant for Live Performance or Large Audience
  7. Standardized Participants for Video

Quiet on set

Quiet on set

The following services are offered:

  1. Standardized Participant Recruitment
  2. Standardized Participant Coordinating
  3. Standardized Participant Training
  4. Standardized Participant Referrals
  5. Standardized Participant Payment