NYSIM leads and collaborates on research activities in various domains.

Here are some recent publications in which faculty teaching at NYSIM were investigators or co-authors.

OSCE, Clinical Teaching...
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Your Patient’s Sugar is too High! Adams J, Altshuler l, Fox J, Kurland S, Hanley K, Gillespie C, Kalet A, Zabar, S.
'A longitudinal osce experience: A pilot of progressive testing to assess inflammatory bowel disease training for gastroenterology fellows'. Lopatin, S; Balzora, S; Shah, B; Dikman, A; Jones, V; Gillespie, C; Zabar, S; Poles, M; Weinshel, E; Malter, L.
Please open your mouth: What do we need to teach residents to help address health disparity in oral health? Adams, J; Hanley, K; Gillespie, C; Augustine, M R; Ross, J A; Zabar, S.
Residency wellness: Changing culture through experiential learning. Horlick, M; Cocks, P M; Altshuler, L; Gillespie, C; Zabar, S.
Ordering of labs and tests: Variation and correlates of value-based care in an unannounced standardized patient visit. Zabar, S; Hanley, K; Lee, H; Gershgorin, I; Altshuler, L; Porter, B; Wallach, A B; Gillespie, C.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Inflammatory Bowel Disease Overlap: Optimizing Management Through the Use of an Observed Structured Clinical Examination. Zalkin, D; Cohen, C; Zabar, S; Kingsbery, J; Weinshel, E; Malter, L.
Reducing Medical Errors: Using Observed Standardized Clinical Examinations to Assess Fellows' Performance in System-Based Practice Milestones. Papademetriou M, Perreault G, Gillespie C, Zabar, S.., Weinshel E., Williams R.
Practice Makes Perfect: Supervising OSCE’s Improves Faculty Scoring. Papademetriou, M; Perreault, G; Gillespie, C; Zabar, S; Poles, A; Weinshel, E; Williams, R.
Patient experience: Comparison of primary care patients’ and unannounced standardized patients’ perceptions of care. Altshuler, L; Carfagno, M E; Pavlishyn, N; Dembitzer, A; Crotty, K J; Greene, R E; Wallach, A B; Smith, R; Porter, B; Hanley, K; Zabar, S; Schwartz, M D.
What does communication skills performance in a high-stakes 3rd year OSCE tell us about the transition to residency? Gillespie, C. C.; Zabar, S; Crowe, R; Ross, J A; Hanley, K; Altshuler, L; Kalet, A.
Can we link standardized assessment of residents’ clinical skills with patient outcome data? Kalet, A; Gillespie, C. C.; Altshuler, L; Dumorne, H; Hanley, K; Wallach, A B; Porter, B; Zabar, S.
Putting out the flame: Our trainees need to learn patient activation skills. Watsula-Morley, A; Gillespie, C; Altshuler, L; Hanley, K; Kalet, A; Porter, B; Wallach, A B; Zabar, S.
End-of-visit practices to ensure outpatient safety: Resident physicians' performance in USP cases with outpatient safety challenges. Gillespie, C; Altshuler, L; Hanley, K; Kalet, A; Watsula-Morley, A; Dumorne, H; Zabar, S.
A standardized patient program quality improvement project: Using a SP database to understand our SP community, monitor quality, and collaborate effectively across SP programs. Zabar, S; Altshuler, L; Kalet, A; Drda, V; Anderson, M; Crowe, R; Mack, A; Gillespie, C.
Communication skills and value-based medicine: Understanding residents’ variation in care using unannounced standardized patient visit. Hanley, K; Watsula-Morley, A; Altshuler, L; Dumorne, H; Kalet, A; Porter, B; Wallach, A B; Gillespie, C; Zabar, S.
Assessment of adherence to depression management guidelines using unannounced standardized patients: Are resident physicians effectively managing depression in primary care? Zabar, S; Hanley, K; Watsula-Morley, A; Altshuler, L; Dumorne, H; Wallach, A B; Porter, B; Kalet, A; Gillespie, C.
Are accelerated 3-year MD pathway students prepared for day one of internship? Kalet, A; Eliasz, K L; Ng, G; Szyld, D; Zabar, S; Pusic, M V; Gillespie, C. C.; Buckvar-Keltz, L; Cangiarella, J; Abramson, S B; Riles, T. S.
A simulated night on call (NOC): Assessing the entrustment of near graduating medical students from multiple perspectives. Kalet, A; Ark, T; Eliasz, K L; Nick, M; Ng, G; Szyld, D; Zabar, S; Pusic, M V; Riles, T S.
Comprehensive OSCEs as opportunities for faculty to make entrustment judgments: How are standardized patient assessments of skills performance associated with faculty entrustability judgments? Gillespie, C. C.; Hanley, K; Ross, J A; Adams, J; Zabar, S.
Using objective structured teaching exercises for faculty development. Osman C, Dembitzer A, Zabar, S., Tewksbury L. View Paper
Towards entrusting medical students: recognizing safety behaviors. Ng G, Pimentel S, Szyld D, Kalet A.
A Simulated “Night On Call” to Assess and Address the Readiness for Internship of Transitioning Medical Students Kalet, A., Zabar, S., Szyld, D., Yavner, S., Song, H., Nick, M., Ng, G., Pusic, MV, Denicola, C., Blum, C., Eliasz, K., Nicholson, J., Riles, T.
'Can we link standardized assessment of residents' clinical skills with patient outcome data?' Kalet, A; Gillespie, C. C.; Altshuler, L; Dumorne, H; Hanley, K; Wallach, A B; Porter, B; Zabar, S.
Test of Integrated Professional Skills: OSCE/Simulation Hybrid Assessment of Residents' Skill Integration. Winkel A, Gillespie C, Zabar, S., Szyld D.
Unannounced standardized patients: a promising method of assessing patient-centered care in your health care system. Zabar, S., Hanley K, Stevens D, Murphy J, Burgess A, Kalet A, Gillespie C.
Using standardized patients to train telephone counselors for a clinical trial. Rogers ES, Gillespie C, Zabar, S., Sherman S.
Directly Observed Care: Can Unannounced Standardized Patients Address a Gap in Performance Measurement? Zabar, S., Gillespie C, Hanley K, Kalet A.
Optimizing Transition of Pediatric to Adult Care in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Through the Use of an Observed Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE). Kingsbery J, Wolff, M., Zabar, S.; Gillespie C.; Weinshel, E., Soloman A; Malter L.
Notes from the Field: Residents' Perceptions of Simulation-Based Skills Assessment in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Winkel, A; Niles, Paulomi; Lerner, V; Zabar, S; Szyld, D; Squires, A.
Assessing cultural competency skills in gastroenterology fellowship training'. Balzora, S, Abiri, B, Wang, X, McKeever, J, Poles, M, Zabar, S, Gillespie, C, Weinshel, E.