West Wing

The west wing houses the flex room, also known as the multi purpose room. The flex room has multiple partitions that can be configured to divide the room into individual bays for small team training. The room is large enough to be used for disaster training. It can also be set up as a work area for task trainers, manikins (NYSIM has over 17) or even as a classroom. Learners can practice medical tasks such as tracheal intubation, vascular access and diagnostic ultrasound.

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6 configurable bays, with one large flexible room, that can be modified to merge each bay within each other.

2 cameras in each bay for recording

2 drop-ceiling mics in each bay for recording

One large display in each bay for projection of vitals of each simulator, or multi purpose use which includes the ability to project presentations, youtube, etc.
One large central control room to allow "all eyes" to each bay.
Overhead paging control capabilities into each bay from the central control room.
Overhead camera control capabilities into each bay from the central control room.
Two conference rooms for debriefing, both able to playback videos and live stream into each bay, and one equipped with a Polycom teleconferencing unit.
A pc workstation located at each bay that also allows control of recording and video playback. Desktop mic in each bay for our "pillow speakers" that allows our users to play as the patient from the control room or in the control area at each bay.
Wireless headsets for one or two way communication for confederates.
Lockers with custom lock codes as well as electrical outlets for charging devices.
Software to allow video capture at the center.